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Los Angeles a Top 10 Twitter City Worldwide, Number 1 in Followers

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Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 12:51 PM

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Los Angeles is the city with most Twitter followers: 285 million people watch what we tweet. And by "we" we mean celebrities, mostly.

But for sheer "number of posted tweets" we slide down the global ranking to number 8, with the likes of Jakarta (number 1), New York (5) and Paris (7) beating us.

#WTF you say? #WTF indeed:

A new analysis by Semiocast puts Jarkarta in Indonesia as the top town for volume of tweets.

Of course, there is a caveat:

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The company looked at "free-form location declared in user profile, time zone, language used to post tweets and GPS coordinates" to determine locales. But it admits that, at least where GPS coordinates are concerned, only 0.77 percent of public tweets use them.

So maybe Jarkarta is the city where people turn on their coordinates the most?

Semiocast admits that only about one in four tweets (27 percent) could be pinpointed to a city after it piled on the data with language, time zone and user profile info.

Here are its top 20 tweeting cities.

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  • Semiocast

Don't blame us if we're skeptical: Angelenos even tweet in their cars.

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