Palmdale Thief Bashes Walmart Greeter Over Head With Liquor Bottle When Asked for Receipt

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Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 9:15 AM

click to enlarge Smash time. - L.A. COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT
  • L.A. County Sheriff's Department
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The Walmart in Palmdale has become a total magnet for oddball thieves with WTF strategies.

First there was the guy, in January, who dressed top-to-bottom in the Walmart employee uniform, sauntered into the stock room with a shopping cart, loaded up four flat-screen TVs and walked back out like he was just doin' his job. It took Walmart security a week to notice anything out of the ordinary on security footage. Genius!

Our latest culprit was a little less subtle:

L.A. County Sheriff's investigators from the Palmdale station released snapshots of security footage today, showing a man they say walked "out of the store with two bottles of liquor which had not been purchased."

Yeah, well, we've all been there. (What?) But it was this guy's ridiculous reaction to getting caught that sets him a rung below the rest:

  • L.A. County Sheriff's Department
When the employee asked the suspect for a receipt, the suspect turned and struck the employee with one of the bottles, causing lacerations and possible fractures to the employee's head.

Christ. Quite a liquor heist for a Monday night.

And the really ironic part is -- seeing as one of the stolen items was rendered liquorless in the getaway -- the whole evil plot was over a single solitary drank.

Yet another impetus for the good residents of Chinatown and Burbank to continue fighting off a Walmart at all costs. For whatever reason (revenge of the 99 percent?), this big-box retailer attracts the strangest of the sticky fingered.

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