Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012


5 Signs Tom Cruise Is Gay

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Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 4:43 PM

  • tomcruise.com
Folks are buzzing once again about Tom Cruise's sexuality following his reported divorce from Katie Holmes, which he's on the record saying she initiated.

We're not saying Tom Cruise is gay. In fact, we're saying he's not. That's official. He's been married three times -- to some of Hollywood's sexiest women.

But if he were gay -- and, again, we're saying he's not, people! -- here would be five signs pointing the way:

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  • YouTube / KTLA / CatchATiger4
A man was being questioned by police today after a video (see it on the next page) of two young boys engaged in a brutal fight in San Bernardino County went viral.

The man, who was not identified, was detained this afternoon at the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department's Adelanto station, spokeswoman Cindy Bachman told the Weekly.

It's not clear what crimes are being investigated:

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Eric Fresch, the former Vernon city administrator who once raked in $1 million a year, was found dead Thursday evening at a Bay Area state park -- the same day the state issued a scathing audit of the city's finances.

Fresch had been bicycling with his wife at Angel Island State Park, but the two became separated, said Ed Lynch, battalion chief of the Tiburon Fire Department. When he did not return to the ferry terminal, his wife reported him missing.

Searchers found Fresch's body in the water, at the bottom of a 150-foot embankment. It appeared he had suffered head trauma from the fall, Lynch said.

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We eat municipalities like you for breakfast. - BUZZ.EDFUNDERS.ORG
  • buzz.edfunders.org
  • We eat municipalities like you for breakfast.
Whenever out-of-towners complain about how hard it is to get anywhere in Los Angeles, we try to tell them: It's no more difficult than trying to traverse the entire Bay Area in a single shot. Because this city is HUGE. Like, half the size of Rhode Island. And because of that, we've got a whole series of mini-centers, all with such strong and differing identities as to be worthy of their own cityhood: Hollywood. Venice Beach. Silver Lake. The San Fernando Valley.

But we pay for this incredible diversity with the miles and miles of sprawl between.

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Apartment houses on Mansfield Avenue near Hancock Park. - GOOGLE MAPS
  • Google Maps
  • Apartment houses on Mansfield Avenue near Hancock Park.
A gay man was severely beaten near Hancock Park this morning in what police are investigating as a hate crime.

The attacker uttered anti-gay slurs as he "struck him, kicked him and beat him up" shortly before 1 a.m. in the 100 block of N. Mansfield Avenue, LAPD spokesman Richard French told the Weekly.

The pummeling put the victim in a hospital ...

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Move over, Fairey: There's a new Obama Illuminati in town.
Compared to President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, his second run has been lagging in hip factor. No free "Yes we can" ads from Will.i.am; no Shepard Fairey prints; no hot YouTube chicks with a "Crush on Obama."

Mila Kunis, rebel patriot, to the rescue!

Although she's not on the list of young Hollywood stars and studio execs expected to attend tonight's fundraiser at the Soho House in West Hollywood, she's giving her favorite politician a boost where it counts:

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  • Torben Hansen
Added at the bottom: Americans for Safe Access argues that the decision doesn't outlaw cannabis sales just yet.

Medical marijuana is legal in California. But you can't sell medical marijuana in California?

It's a contentious issue, one that even the author of California's dispensary legislation argues to this day: Former state Sen. John Vasconcellos told us the law was intended to allow pot sales. The L.A. city attorney's office, the L.A. district attorney and the LAPD say otherwise: You sell it, you're violating the law.

A new court ruling (or, actually, a lack of one), is being hailed as a huge victory by the side that says selling is drug dealing:

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Santos Kreimann: In for the long haul
  • Santos Kreimann: In for the long haul
Assessor John Noguez stepped aside last week to attend to his criminal defense, but he made it clear that he plans to return once he is cleared of the corruption allegations against him.

But his replacement doesn't expect that to happen any time soon. In his first interview since taking the helm of the Assessor's Office, Santos Kreimann said he is "planning on being here the remainder of the term" -- that is, until December 2014.

Kreimann is also studying to become a certified appraiser -- another sign that he plans to be around for a while. Kreimann is a veteran L.A. County employee, not a politician, but in the interview, he did not rule out running for assessor in the 2014 election.

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North Hollywood resident Barbara Black was fined $336 for hiring students to decorate this fence. - NOHO COMMUNICATIONS GROUP
  • NoHo Communications Group
  • North Hollywood resident Barbara Black was fined $336 for hiring students to decorate this fence.
Thanks to the L.A. mural ordinance -- under construction since last October, and creatively promoted by street-art coverboys like Shepard Fairey and Saber -- attending City Hall meetings became cool again in 2011-12.

Even Tanner Blackman, the Department of City Planning employee who's led the public input process for the legislation, has become somewhat of a local celebrity. He's been great at breaking down all the city's legal obstacles into layman's terms...

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The luxurious Beverly Hilton.
  • The luxurious Beverly Hilton.
One week after a middle-aged couple died mysteriously in their room at the Beverly Hilton -- the same fancy hotel where Whitney Houston recently OD'ed and drowned, and where President Obama stays whenever he's in town -- Beverly Hills police have finally determined their cause of death.

Robert Egan, 69, and Barbra Egan, 56, who were reportedly married, both shot themselves to death last weekend...

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