Hand Sanitizer Madness: Top 5 High-Inducing Household Products

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Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 1:31 PM

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We've seen the new Reefer Madness, and it's called Hand Sanitizer Psychosis.

After the Los Angeles Times yesterday reported that six -- six! -- teens in the San Fernando Valley showed up in emergency rooms after drinking hand sanitizer (for its alcohol content) in recent months, the paper set off a firestorm about this latest hardcore drug that "could" -- could! -- "signal a dangerous trend" (sparked, no doubt, by news media ... ).

Well, we've got news for you parents: Your cupboards are filled with stuff that's worse than any -- any! -- barrio crack house. Here's our Top 5:

5. Nail polish remover. Ah. Baby's first high. Mama, can I help you with your nails, mama? Anything to be near the intoxicating aroma of acetone, the ultimate gateway drug. Is it bad for you? Yes it's bad for you. Long-term abuse can lead to brain and central nervous system damage. But you already knew this.

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