Circumcision Available For All Under New Law Signed by Jerry Brown

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Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 8:07 AM

click to enlarge Brown is down for the cut.
  • Brown is down for the cut.
Gov. Jerry Brown over the weekend said enough with the touchy-feely-we're-liberal-but-we're-still-going-to-tell-you-what-to-do b.s. that seems to permeate some of California's lefty cities.

More specifically, he said no to cities enacting bans on circumcision. And while trimming the penis of one's baby boy doesn't always turn out perfect (allegedly), it keeps some adult men clean and exposes them to fewer diseases (at least according to Dr. Drew Pinsky).

And, frankly, we're sick of the Nanny State being, er, erected in hippie-dippy places like San Francisco, which ...

... most notoriously attempted to let voters decide if families get to go kosher or not with their boys. Backers of the ban said it wasn't fair that babies had no say in whether they should go through with the painful procedure (though the howl of "wahhh!" could be a hint). A judge struck down the effort.

Then Mike Gatto, a state Assemblyman from right here in Burbank, sponsored a bill (AB768) that would prevent cities from enacting circumcision bans. (Thanks, Mike).

On Sunday Brown signed the bill into law. (Thanks, Jer).

Now all Brown and Gatto have to do is whip up a broader ban on cities that enact up stupid, take-your-eye-off-the-real-issues rules like West Hollywood's fur ban (what about leather?) and L.A.'s own cat declawing ban.

Yeah, we need a ban on this insanity.


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