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iPhones That Charge Themselves? There's a Future Hack For That, Thanks to UCLA Researchers

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Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 7:06 AM

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Okay, hipsters. Don't all jizz yourselves at once.

But it looks like UCLA researchers have discovered a way for you to revive your juiced iPhone with solar rays -- no ad-on charger necessary. Well, in theory, anyway. This is some year-2000 future shit.

Your fellow geeks at UCLA say they've found a way to "harvest" light via LCD screens. According to a school statement:

... UCLA engineers have created a novel concept for harvesting and recycling energy for electronic devices -- one that involves equipping these devices' LCD screens with built-in photovoltaic polarizers, allowing them to convert ambient light, sunlight and their own backlight into electricity.

Wow. Like a self-winding wristwatch.

Nerdy, we know. But you won't be so critical when you're walking your date back to her tent after Coachella and your iPhone has mad charge to illuminate your way around empty bottles and downed hipsters in the parking lot.

click to enlarge iPhone_GUI_map.jpg

Researchers at UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science say their discovery (published in the journal Advanced Materials) could also have uses for TVs, computer monitors, laptops and iPads.

Yang Yang, a professor of materials science at UCLA a lead researcher on the project:

... Next time you are on the beach, you could charge your iPhone via sunlight ... I believe this is a game-changer ...

Next time we're stuck in Vegas without a charge, we'll be thinking of you, Professor Yang. Godspeed.

[UCLA News].


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