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VIDEO: Disney Stars Get Kicked Out of L.A. Apple Store for G-Rated 'Lemonade Mouth' Flash Mob

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Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 9:45 AM

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As far as flash mobs go -- within that zany, renegade art form of creating sudden chaos in an agreed-upon public location -- it doesn't get more corporate than reenacting a scene from a made-for-TV Disney movie in an Apple Store. At Eastertime, no less!

But apparently, no flash mob is cute/friendly enough for Apple, whose employees at the Grove location in Mid-City L.A. appear to have ushered out the squeaky-clean stars of Disney's recently released "Lemonade Mouth" during their best attempt at chaos last weekend.

Granted, the Apple staffers were still smiling...

... and didn't get much more forceful than a collective shooing motion (Genius Bar wages don't rightly cover underage groping lawsuits), but come on. Couldn't Disney and Apple have worked something out here? Customers are stoked, hearts are warmed -- we don't see the problem.

"Lemonade" stars Chris Dupre and Hayley Kiyoko even incorporate the Photo Booth's video feature into their mall version of "Determinate":

But Kiyoko wants to make it clear that this was an unpaid, just-for-fun flash mob free of corporate strings. Her message to YouTubers:

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that the apple store had NO idea we were going to flash mob them....disney had absolutely NO involvement in this video.

We rehearsed THAT day with the dancers and literally walked in, in hopes that everything would go as planned....

Just wanted to clear that up!!! :)

And I also wanted to THANK EVERYONE for watching our video and supporting lemonade mouth!! Turn YOUR world into a dance floor....Love you all!!xoxo

Intentional or not, it was a pretty genius marketing plan for the film, which we had previously only heard of in a passing mayoral Tweet. Now it's reached its feel-good tentacles as far as the Kutcher-Moore estate:

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So, uh, good luck getting that shit stuck out of your head the rest of the day. Might as well just turn the world into your dance floor now, and get it over with.


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