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USC Nude Photo Scandal: A Blow-by-Blow Analysis (Photos)

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Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 1:40 PM

click to enlarge Lovers' first fight?
  • Lovers' first fight?
We think this USC nude photo scandal is being, er, overblown.

It appears as if these naked young people, including a Kappa Signma brother, on the roof of USC's Waite Phillips Hall, are misunderstood. They weren't having sex. We think they were actually having a lover's quarrel. You have to look closely at the photos to figure it out.

Here's our not-so-safe-for-work, um, blow-for-blow analysis of what was really happening between these two last weekend:

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Her: "I get on my hands and knees for you. I give, and then I give some more. For what?"

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