Top 10 Celebrity Marijuana Brands: In Honor Of Chuck Norris And Michael Phelps, Here's Our Wish List Of Superstar Strains

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Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 4:23 PM

click to enlarge Michael Phelps goes for gold. - CURRENT.COM
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  • Michael Phelps goes for gold.
In reaction to such recent honorees as Chuck Norris and Michael Phelps, the Weekly would like to forward to you, our humble and useful cannabis retailers, a list of other celebrities who also deserve their own strains of weed.

We know your suppliers are developing new variants of this medicine with all kinds of specific attributes (a "clear-headed high," "mental," "psychedelic" and "relaxing without putting you to sleep").

And this whole Chuck Norris story has really taken off. So do like your local deli and name a few more goodies on the menu after these fine citizens (could be good for business):

click to enlarge Arnold is not numero Uno.
  • Arnold is not numero Uno.

10. Arnold Girly Man. This one comes with a lot of hype but in the end is a huge let down. Once you try it, it won't be back. Trust us.

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