New Year's Eve Ravers: If You Forgot What (Or Who) You Did At 'Together As One,' You Might Want To Check Craigslist

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Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 11:50 AM

click to enlarge You might not remember this kiss in 2011. - CAESAR SEBASTIAN / INSOMNIAC EVENTS
  • Caesar Sebastian / Insomniac Events
  • You might not remember this kiss in 2011.
It's time for Missed Connections: New Year's Edition. In this episode we take a look at ravers who were apparently so blissed out they forgot to get the phone numbers of people they just tongue wrestled with.

And so, as the fog lifted on that ecstasy champagne hangover, some of the fine young glow-stickers who attended Friday night's Together As One rushed to their laptops this week and posted messages of regret on Craigslist's "Missed Connections" section.

Who could forget ...

"Roberto! Tall Curly Hair Blue Eyes!!:"

I danced with you all night and you have a nice head of brown curls, beautiful blue eyes and you were very tall... I think your name is Roberto and my friend was dancing with your friend, I think his name was Luke. We were at Together As One and you are from Amsterdam! :) Contact me!!

Or, "devon at dada life/laidback luke:"

wearing the leather jacket and backwards cap. i liked dancing with u. we made out at midnight and u tasted salty. this is such a long shot but u were cute, and it's a new year!

You salty dog.

And then there's the request of ...

"Jay Syracuse TAO/Champ of BP LF Megan:"

Hey Megan can't find you on FB i dont have your number and you have mine but my phone is broke...i want to see you before you go back to Syracuse i hope i can cause i fell like i know so much about you i just wanna chill again. Hope you actually see this just email me so i can have your phone number and txt or calll you when i get my new charger. peace

And, finally, this sweet sentiment:

"Ariel where art thou? NEW YEARS EVE:"

My name is Alex, we met on New Years at Together As One shortly after midnight on the left side of the main stage. Danced for a few songs and we split to make sure your friend was ok. You gave me your number but my phone rebooted before I could save it. You were wearing a bright green shirt with a phrase on it. I know this is a long shot but it was clear we had a connection and I thought you were extremely cute and sweet. Contact me if you see this, I'd love to get to know you.

Kids these days are so high-tech. If they would just step back to the time of the pen and napkin (and, perhaps, alcohol and weed), they wouldn't even need Missed Connections.

That said, there is a little app for iPhones called Bump. Just set it to auto. It'll figure it out when you get close.

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