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Peace-Loving Smart Car Driver Targeted By Shooter In Downey

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Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 11:00 AM

click to enlarge Does this car make you want to open fire?
  • Does this car make you want to open fire?
Someone in Downey decided not to give peace a chance. The question is, was the shooting of an eco-conscious Smart Car on the 605 freeway this week an act of anti-environmentalist defiance, or simply the prank of a kid with a pellet gun?

No one knows. But we do know said Smart Car also had a "Peace Unity" sticker on its window.

Way to bring the pain.

click to enlarge Shooting at peace-loving Smart Car owners should be a hate crime. - KTLA NEWS
  • KTLA News
  • Shooting at peace-loving Smart Car owners should be a hate crime.

No one was injured in the Monday night attack, reported by KTLA News to have taken place about 7 p.m.

Driver/peace activist Barbara Henry says she was driving along when she heard the pops, exited, and headed for the Norwalk sheriff's station"

"I heard four pops and I thought what the heck. And I looked around and people were swerving and I thought, what are they swerving about? I was scared."

Perhaps her ride of choice will not be so Smart in the future.

The ride of choice for tough guys and girls in SoCal is a jacked-up Chevy pick-up with monster-truck wheels. If one of those is not available, try a Chrysler 300. Smart cars, Priuses and Volvos get shot at. Sorry.

At least she should reconsider her choice of bumper stickers. This one should keep her out of trouble on L.A. mean streets:

click to enlarge Don't shoot the Smart Cars. - FASTDECALS.COM
  • fastdecals.com
  • Don't shoot the Smart Cars.


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