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Long Beach Tagger Falls From Railroad Bridge, Sacrafices Health Of Leg For Art

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Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 12:17 PM

click to enlarge Rock climbing and tagging -- the mash-up of the century.
  • Rock climbing and tagging -- the mash-up of the century.
Taggers, we know you're hardcore -- down for the street, hype about "getting up," excited just knowing that thousands of people will cringe at your handy work as your neighborhoods' home values suffer (your parents will thank you later).

We get that.

But why, when you're hanging upside down perilously from a bridge just to spray your name "wild-style," don't you take some basic safety precautions? Case in point:

A tagger fell from a railroad bridge in North Long Beach and injured his leg, according to a freelance news crew.

It happened at 12:45 a.m. Friday on Cherry Avenue south of Market Street, according to RMG News.

The injured tagger was with an alleged accomplice who was taken into custody, along with a spray can.

Now here's the thing, bombers: Go over to REI and get yourself some gear -- caribiners, rope, cams -- and instead of acting all ninja, which you're definitely not, do this safely.

Go places that have never been bombed before! Get sideways. Tag places no one will ever see. With rock-climbing gear and a little partner-coordination, you can forge new frontiers in spray can art.

You can do this.

Just don't tell the cops we encouraged you.

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