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Octuplet Mom Update: The Circus Continues

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Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 4:39 PM

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Ever since octuplet mother Nadya Suleman was released February 6 from a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, her public image has steadily plummeted  southward. Her early, somewhat-disparaging nickname, Octo-Mom, seems to have come from talk radio, probably KFI. By the time she checked out of Kaiser, TMZ.com was dubbing her Octopussy. Now every time Suleman goes shopping photos memorialize the event, captioned with claims that she's spending taxpayer's money to buy lipstick or a burger. Nadya Suleman's woes have multiplied so quickly that it's nearly impossible to assemble an adequate timeline of publicity fiascos, but a thumbnail account is possible. Please see below.

Image: PrettyOnTheOutside.com

  • February 9 One of her publicists, Mike Furtney, discloses that Suleman is on welfare -- after she denied accepting public assistance during a Today interview.

  • February 9 Her "unconscionable" decision to have the multiple births, which were accomplished by an in vitro fertilization process, is badmouthed by Suleman's mother, Angela, in an interview with RadarOline.

  • February 13 Friday the Thirteenth: Suleman's publicists,

    Joann Killeen and Mike Furtney, drop their famous client when they decide they've

    had enough hate messages and death threats sent their way and to their

    other clients.

  • February 16 Tennessee-based Ambassador Speakers Bureau, a

    Christian-themed talent agency, denies reports it is representing Suleman, claiming it has only

    offered her some pro bono advice. But pro bono is not the same as "free,"

    so what was agency president Wes Yoder floating at the time - a Mylar trial


  • February 19 Reports surface that Suleman is looking to buy a $1.24 million home in Whittier that, as TMZ.com noted, has "a pool with no safety gates. Perfect for 14 kids."

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