Your Weekly Movie To-Do List


Cinefamily kicks off its "Vive L'Amour" series of French love films with a screening of Jacques Demy's swoony, tragic musical The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, followed by a party with tunes courtesy of the '60s-vintage music-video jukeboxes called Scopitones.


Indulge your French fixation further the following night: LACMA's tribute to Claude Chabrol continues with two of the late French new wave master's films from his formative youth, Les cousins and Les bonnes femmes.

After a string of wild, sold-out shows around town last year, Nobuhiko Obayashi's Hausu returns for a midnight screening at the Nuart as it continues its rise from cult horror favorite to classic midnight movie. Come for the gloriously insane colors and matte printing, stay for the evil cat and carnivorous piano.


Complete the Francophile hat trick with the Egyptian's 2 p.m. screening of In the Tracks of Georges Delerue, Pascale Cuenot's documentary on the Oscar-winning composer, whose scores you can hear in action with screenings of Contempt and Shoot the Piano Player on Thursday at the Egyptian.

Later on Saturday, the Aero's Blake Edwards series, "Life of the Party," comes to its crown-jewel double-feature of The Party and S.O.B.


If you're not in the mood to join half the country for football and commercials but still need to get your sports-related fix, head over to L.A. Filmforum and the Echo Park Film Center's presentation of Hellmuth Costard's Football Like Never Before (1970). Following Manchester United star/dreamboat George Best around the pitch with eight 16 mm cameras for the entire match, Costard's experiment in the tracking of labor might reasonably be called a Marxist sports movie, or, you know, the exact opposite of the Super Bowl (the screening begins at 7:30, so viewers interested in both the Super Bowl and avant-garde cinema can make it to both).

On the Westside, UCLA's Film and Television Archive presents two of the oldest films in its "Celebration of Iranian Cinema" series: The Lor Girl (1933), the first Iranian talkie, with India subbing for Iran; and the silent classic Mr. Haji, the Movie Actor, with live musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla.


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