Just as Chinese director Jia Zhangke’s most recent film, The World, made its way to local theaters, the film that first brought Jia international acclaim, Platform, arrived on DVD. Platform is Jia’s second feature and bears more than a passing similarity to another famous second feature, The Magnificent Ambersons, for the way it measures the sweep of generational and cultural change in the intimate moments of private lives. Richly layered and emotionally rewarding, the film opens in 1980 and centers on a group of four young friends who perform in a state-run musical-theater troupe. While the ragtag group stages propaganda songs for children, politics exerts its influence from the periphery in government radio broadcasts and passing officialdom. Bell-bottoms, perms and Asian pop are the materials from which the troupe’s members forge their identities offstage as the government inaugurates its “open door” cultural policy and makes its first moves toward a Western-style economy. Around these markers of change, Jia structures the film as a series of subtle returns to significant locations in the foursome’s rustic hometown and repeated compositions that nevertheless explode with the poignancy of passing time. In its long takes and ineluctable flows, Platform captures the unique tension of youth, when every moment feels like it could last forever even as it has already begun fading to memory. The film was originally screened with a 196-minute running time at select film festivals; this New Yorker Video release features the 150-minute version edited by Jia for commercial release.

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