Mann to Mann: Rare Double Feature Highlights Film-Noir Fest at the Egyptian

Two O’Clock Courage

In the rarely shown early Anthony Mann film Two O’Clock Courage (1945), which screens this week as part of the American Cinematheque’s 11th annual film-noir festival, cabbie lady Ann Rutherford picks up amnesiac Tom Conway, who will soon discover himself accused of a high-profile murder. If this well-paced programmer seems lighthearted for Mann, that’s because it is a remake of a 1936 comedy with Gail Patrick, Two in the Dark. But there’s plenty of cooky business here, too, including a society brat played by a 20-year-old Jane Greer. Then it’s Desperate (1947), with Raymond Burr and Steve Brody, and it’s already a Mann’s Man’s World.

American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre; Thurs., April 9, 7:30 p.m.,

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