I'd Like to Thank...

What am I thankful for this year? I’m thankful for the awesome sexy-scariness of Rachel Bilson on The O.C., whose bitchy-witty delivery has a surprisingly wide emotional range, encompassing those times we fear for her enemies and the more vulnerable moments when she’s just an exasperated high school chick with a handful of a boyfriend. I’m thankful for Ty Burrell, whose droll plastic surgeon — an original mixture of blasé womanizing and cluelessness — is helping make the CBS sitcom Out of Practice a dependable post-Frasier bon mot farm. As always, I’m thankful for Law & Order: Criminal Intent perp deprogrammer Vincent D’Onofrio. Sometimes I fear he’ll stare right through the TV screen and detect that yes, yes, okay, I’m really, really bad inside! And of course I’m thankful for Stephen Colbert, whose pundit-punching Comedy Central spoof is exactly what we all hoped it would be, with the unintended consequence that it makes me want to watch those news channel ranters even more, just to confirm how eerily spot-on his characterization is. No turkeys here.

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