HOP The Easter Bunny gets an Alvin & the Chipmunks makeover in Hop, director Tim Hill’s second consecutive tale of a furry anthropomorphic critter with astounding musical talent and an exasperated human companion. Expected by his father to assume the family’s candy-delivery throne, flannel-shirted bunny E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand) rebels by fleeing to Hollywood to become a drummer, teaming up with biped Fred (James Marsden), an unemployed slacker also dealing with a disappointed daddy. Their ensuing escapades involve a resentful rabbit-employed yellow chick (Hank Azaria) intent on seizing magic-egg power, an impromptu ventriloquism rendition of “I Want Candy” and the revelation that Easter bunnies can poop jelly beans. Smoothly integrating its cuddly-cute CG protagonists into live-action material, Hop configures its story as a not-too-syrupy, springtime-set holiday (with nods to Christmas) fable of self-actualization and family unity, with a random David Hasselhoff cameo thrown in for good measure. Despite its scattered frenzy, Hop — thanks to its fondness for smushing together seemingly incongruous elements and Marsden’s goofy, bug-eyed mugging — is just demented enough to deliver a fleeting sugar rush. (Nick Schager) (Citywide)


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