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Last week on Beauty and the Geek — where socially inept dweebs have to form partnerships with superficial babes, each learning from the other — we saw tall blond castoff Erika tearfully refer to the geeks as “like, some of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.” Suddenly it was clear that this wasn’t just another Average Joe. The show is trumpeted as coming from “the daring mind of Ashton Kutcher,” and while I’m not sure being the new Allen Funt is necessarily daring, with Punk’d and now this WB reality show, Kutcher is certainly having kid-with-a-chemistry-set fun in the fringes of reality TV. It was smart, for instance, to keep Beauty more of a silly experiment with a competitive element instead of turning it into one more unrealistic dating show. In fact, better than Erika’s “greatest guys I’ve ever met” revelation — what rejected class clown hasn’t heard that one? — is when these hotties confess how little they’re called on in life to show intellect. But the education isn’t so cute in the other direction. I’m sure there are a lot of nerd girls out there watching this show with an “Oh brother” expression, wondering how long they’ll have to watch their future mates make overconfident passes at swimsuit models before returning to the fold.

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