Wolfgang Tillmanns

Courtesy of he artist and Regen Projects


Past Event

Location Info:

Regen Projects
6750 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90038
The night of Wolfgang Tillmans' opening at Regen, three days before the election, visitors took away posters saying "Only Americans Can Stop Trump," the words visible beneath a gray photograph of waves. Tillmans, the German artist whose photographs of anything (fruit bowls, cigarette butts, fashion models) earned him his reputation for inclusiveness, has been protesting this year: he made a series of anti-Brexit posters too ("No man is an island, No country by itself"). At Regen, he's hung photographs everywhere, above elevator buttons and light switches, high and low on walls. Some are framed; others are taped to the wall. Images depict rumpled white sheets, beaches, liquid, protesters, stoic friends with painted faces, a drummer in a  hospital gown. The inclusiveness is relentless, but each photo is attractive and well-composed, Tillmans' trained eye pulling everything into his aesthetically consistent vision of beauty as diversity.
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