WASI, Plasmic, The Knitts, Ghost Noise

WASI, Plasmic, The Knitts, Ghost Noise

Photo by Kat Contreras WASI


Past Event

Location Info:

The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042-1713
WASI close out their monthlong residency at the Hi Hat with a free post-Christmas show. The self-described “riot pop” duo of Jessie Meehan and Merilou Salazar started playing together at Savana High School in Anaheim in a band called The Midol Poppers, writing “shitty punk songs about cafeteria food” before they arrived at their more fully developed sound as WASI. “I’ve been waiting for a place where my heart speaks whole and speaking up is a beast on its own,” Salazar sings on the L.A. Pride homage “Pride.” She and Meehan take the energy of punk rock and infuse it with cheerily poppy new-wave keyboards for a sound that’s both provocative and catchy. Plasmic is Lauren Nicole Lusardi’s one-woman band, and she conjures ethereal synth-pop that’s distinguished by her airily arty vocals. The Knitts crank out a more guitar-based brand of brash, punky garage rock.


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