"Uncommon Ground"

Courtesy FOCA At the opening of "Uncommon Ground"


Past Event

Location Info:

Fellows of Contemporary Art
970 N. Broadway, Ste.. 208
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Julia Haft-Candell’s Blob with glaze pool and Hand-sized blob are quite small ceramic shapes, so small they could easily be tripped on. They look like little creatures and currently sit on the floor near the back desk at Fellows of Contemporary Art, as part of a show called “Uncommon Ground.” They’re a few feet away from another sculpture by Haft-Candell, a bumpy blue-and-reddish waist-high arch, and linen-wrapped steel shapes by Molly Larkey that protrude from the walls. The show, which also includes Anna Breininger’s blurred painted pattern on cloth and plastic, nudges formal abstraction gently out of its comfort zone, veering carefully toward the weird.


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