Trips: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change

<i>Trips: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change

Noah Kalina

If you're unlucky with drugs, you're like Jean-Paul Sartre and you have crabs following you around for life after one bad mescaline trip. If you're slightly more fortunate, you'll get something like today's presentation by Tao Lin about his new book, Trip: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change ($16, Vintage). Leaping from the stimulants of pharmaceuticals to the more spiritually beneficial worlds of DMT, psilocybin and salvia, Lin unveils how his entire worldview changed after psychedelics. This, of course, led to asking (but not answering) such trippy questions as "Is the world made of language?" and "What happens when we die?"


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