Transnation Film Festival 2016

Transnation Film Festival 2016

Dreamland Female Trouble screens at Transnation Film Festival


Thu., Oct. 20, Fri., Oct. 21 and Sun., Oct. 23 2016
$12-$14 per screening/event

Location Info:

Cinefamily/Silent Movie Theatre
611 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90048
Between the popularity of Amazon's Transparent and the success of last year's indie hit Tangerine and Laverne Cox's general fabulousness, trans visibility in media is at an all-time high. Celebrate trans artists behind the camera and in front of it at Transnation Film Festival 2016. Trans performance artist and Transparent producer Zackary Drucker curated a program that includes Silas Howard's new short film, More Than T; the L.A. premiere of Diane From the Moon, which stars Mya Taylor from Tangerine; a new doc about trans activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy; and a lot more. On Oct. 23, the final day of the three-day fest, Drucker hosts a tribute to Holly Woodlawn, best known for having her story told in song by Lou Reed in "Walk on the Wild Side."


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