Timur Si-Qin: A Place Like This

Timur Si-Qin: A Place Like This

Courtesy of Team Gallery and the artist Timur Si-Qin's Mirrorscape Effigy 1 (2016)


Past Event

Location Info:

Team Gallery
306 Windward Avenue
Venice, CA  90291
A brochure accompanies Timur Si-Qin’s show at Team gallery’s Venice bungalow. It looks like something you’d find in a church lobby or alt-medicine clinic: a golden field with a purple sky above it appears on the cover. The text inside explains Si-Qin’s “A Place Like This, New Peace” project as an imagined cult, in which members believe “replication serves variation.” They’re trying to embrace products and advertisement while also embracing ecological thinking. It’s all in bed together — consumerism and environmentalism — in Si-Qin’s work. His epic landscape videos could be Greenpeace calls to arms, or Pepsi commercials. He has a plot of earth and a tree trunk in the galleries, but sleek monitors and computer screens interrupt the naturalism.


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