Tim Berresheim: "Aus Alter Wurzel Neue Kraft"

Tim Berresheim: "Aus Alter Wurzel Neue Kraft"

Courtesy of the artist and Meliksetian Briggs View of Tim Berresheim's Aus Alter Wurzel Neue Kraft


Past Event

Location Info:

Meliksetian | Briggs
313 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90036
Put on the 3-D glasses that artist Tim Berresheim included in his current show at Meliksetian Briggs, and the wallpaper against the southernmost wall will come into relief. The bearded lemon man will pop out like a comic book character, as will a tub of whey protein. The lemon man is a motif in the show and sometimes he moves with a cane; he's old but fresh. Berresheim, based in Aachen, Germany, titled his show "Aus Alter Wurzel Neue Kraft," which translates to "New Strength From an Old Root." The works are all made via computer, but the renderings read as dense and worked over (and, data-wise, they are, as most prints come from massive files). In Aspettatori (feel up the lime) AEI23, a perfectly rendered nude, tattooed figure lurks in front of a teal tree, a boxing glove made of brains floating above her while a gridded sea pulsates beneath her.


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