The Wild Reeds, Lael Neale

The Wild Reeds, Lael Neale

Photo by Genevieve Davis The Wild Reeds


Past Event

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228 W. Second St.
Pomona, CA  91766
The Wild Reeds can wash away a world of worries with the sheer force of their harmonies. The soft hush of the local trio’s vocals swims ashore in lulling waves on “Patience” and the languorously hazy ballad of reassurance “Fix You Up,” from their new album, The World We Built. All three members — Mackenzie Howe, Kinsey Lee and Sharon Silva — have rich individual voices, and the way in which their singing mingles and weaves together is often stirring. The Wild Reeds set a nostalgic mood with the opening lines of “Only Songs,” the record’s first track: “Do you remember ’95 and how good it felt to be alive when the world was small?/I didn’t fear it at all.” They hold their own in an ongoing conversation with God as the chorus kicks in and their voices sail grandly upward beyond heaven.


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