The Shivas, Death Valley Girls, White Fang, Nani

The Shivas, Death Valley Girls, White Fang, Nani

Courtesy Strange Victory Touring The Shivas


Past Event

Location Info:

The Smell
247 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Salute to The Shivas for being an actual garage-rock band, instead of just putting casual reverb on ’80s beach-punk, and for being an especially literate, tasteful and disciplined garage-rock band, too. Yes, it’s a backward world we live in when “literate” and “tasteful” are positive things in a genre based on three malformed chords and a specifically primitive kind of “Wauuuuggghh!” But The Shivas’ recent You Know What to Do knows exactly what it’s doing: It starts with a Link Wray invocation, reincarnates some Norton Northwest Killers on “Ride On,” makes space for a Modern Lovers–style slow song on “Big Mama Casio,” drops an Elevators rave-up at the end of “Stalking Legs” and ends gently with something that sounds like a Velvet Underground demo. Call it retro and you’re missing the point — this is just real.


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