The Great Sadness, Annie Hardy

The Great Sadness, Annie Hardy

Photo by Asia Whitney Annie Hardy


Past Event

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The Redwood Bar & Grill
316 W. Second St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
The Great Sadness live up to their name with a sound that’s appropriately big and desolate. Yet, instead of drowning in her tears, singer Cathy Cooper howls into her own sonic hurricane with scarify ferocity and impressively searing rage. Her savage stabs of slide guitar might evoke the garage-blues primitivism of The White Stripes, but Cooper’s passionately caustic vocals come off more like unrestrained primal screams than politely retro roots mimicry, and drummer Stephen McNeely amps up the intensity with a feverish rhythmic attack. Former Giant Drag singer Annie Hardy has risen above several dark tragedies in her personal life to re-emerge like a phoenix with a brace of beautiful, new romantic ballads whose heartbreaking lyrical confessions and fragile melodicism are balanced by her unexpectedly profane wit and a facility for improvising brilliant tunes on the spot. Both perform at the Redwood every Wednesday in January.
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