The Buttertones, Spendtime Palace, The Gems

The Buttertones, Spendtime Palace, The Gems

Photo by Arthur Hitchcock The Buttertones


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The Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA  90069
“You can’t erase a blank slate,” Richard Araiza croons over murky surf guitar patterns and London Guzmån’s foreboding buzz of saxophone on “Matador,” from The Buttertones’ third album, Gravedigging. “You can’t go back so you just look for a door on the current day in a river of endless hallways.” Araiza’s wounded romanticism is a constant undercurrent, even as the L.A. quintet move from a swirling punk-rock intensity (“Sadie’s a Sadist”) and stomping alt-rock anguish (“Pistol Whip”) to starry-eyed ’50s doo-wop balladry (“I Ran Away”). “Out of the spotlight, into the shadows … I was over in love,” Araiza confesses in a rhapsodic trance amid the rumbling rhythms of “Geisha’s Gaze.” Drummer Cobi Cobián and former Cherry Glazerr bassist Sean Redman underpin Araiza’s and Dakota Böttcher’s skeletal guitar riffs with a straightforward garage-rock drive that’s pushed along further by Guzmån’s stark sax insinuations. Also Saturday, Jan. 13.
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