Susan Lizotte and Trine Churchill

Susan Lizotte and Trine Churchill

Trine Churchill


Past Event

Location Info:

Castelli Art Space
5428 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90016
On the border of Culver City and the blossoming Mid-City Arts District is one of the newest and most robustly programmed gallery spaces in town. Once the site of the beloved Castelli art services compound, an ample, independently run exhibition venue hosts solo and group shows featuring some of L.A.'s most interesting artists. This weekend they open a fresh exhibition of new paintings by Susan Lizotte paired with works from The Woodstock Landscape series by painter Trine Churchill. While neither artist is an abstract painter per se, both infuse their landscapes and the eccentric figures that sometimes inhabit them with a loose, almost phantasmagorical quality and a saturated, emotional palette. Quirky, nostalgic, curious, a little anxious, Lizotte uses nature as a way of understanding the world, and Churchill uses it to understand herself.


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