Super Narcoleptic Girl

Debbie Klonk


Past Event

Location Info:

Nerdmelt Open Mic, 7522 Sunset Blvd
7522 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  90046
In her new web series Super Narcoleptic Girl, Sarah Albritton plays Keelyn Klein, a masked superhero who comes from a long line of superheroes. Keelyn feels inferior to her family and friends; she can’t fly, she’s not fast and she can’t teleport. But Keelyn has the power to make people dance. Her only weakness? Narcolepsy. Keelyn has to not only battle villains, but people’s prejudices about her disability. In real life, Albritton has suffered from narcolepsy since she was diagnosed in her teens. Albritton and co-star Catherine “Povs” Povinelli, two Chicago transplants and comedians, began writing the videos a few years ago based on Albritton’s experiences. Tonight, the two will screen the episodes and take part in a Q&A, as well as host stand-up by fellow comics Jak Knight, Brandie Posey and Brandi Denise.


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