Stranger Things: The Musical Tribute

<i>Stranger Things</i>: The Musical Tribute

Courtesy Saad Rahim Khan


Past Event

Location Info:

El Cid
4212 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90029

Can't wait for Stranger Things to return Oct. 27? Stranger Things: The Musical Tribute takes you back to 1983, the year when the small Indiana town in Netflix's sci-fi/horror drama is turned upside down thanks to supernatural creatures, disappearing kids and a bald, telekinetic little girl. But you won't have to binge-watch this show and interrupt your shut-eye. Written by Conor Hanney, with music composed by Lee Huff, the musical comedy features cast members Dahlya Glick, Gabe Greenspan, Sylvia Kolb, Madison Lanesey, Callie Ott and Dane Troy, who re-enact the series' entire first season, with its 14 major characters, and sing a dozen original songs inspired by the 1980s in only 75 minutes.


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