Stitched Up Heart, Hell or High Water

Stitched Up Heart, Hell or High Water

Kevin Estrada Stitched Up Heart


Sun., July 9, 7 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Whisky A Go-Go
8901 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA  90069
Formed in 2010, gothy L.A. metallers Stitched Up Heart boast more former members than current, with a sound that has morphed accordingly. Last year’s debut full-length, Never Alone, finds the quintet trading most of its previously overt metalcore motifs for a more mainstream, anthemic sonic statement reminiscent of similarly female-fronted Hot Topic heroes Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and In This Moment. Risking club-level cred for a grab at arena adulation, SUH bolt massive hooks and marvelously bombastic drums to ominously downtuned riffs to summon an era-straddling metallic mongrel made singular by the multipersonality, ultra-dynamic vocals of striking founder (and sole constant) Alecia “Mixi” Demner. While Never Alone is certainly heavily produced, Stitched Up Heart retain sufficient charisma and chemistry to make a legit play for radio-staple status.
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