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El Rey Theatre
5515 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90036
Formed in Northern Ireland during the late-’70s height of the community-dividing “Troubles,” Stiff Little Fingers were overtly channeling that conflict’s grim day-to-day reality long before U2, who are from the neighboring, much less affected Republic of Ireland, were making more aloof references. Among the most eloquent of punk rock’s knee-jerk reactions, the Fingers have always displayed a raw musicality rare in their genre, with instinctively insistent choruses, bobbin’ ’n’ weavin’ bass lines and grittily romantic lyrics written amid masked gunmen and frequent bombings (SLF’s 1979 debut, Inflammable Material, opens with “Suspect Device” and “State of Emergency”). With constant frontman Jake Burns and original bassist Ali McMordie still aboard, the 40th-anniversary edition of SLF is a little tamer and more wistful than the classic incarnation, but the taut tunefulness endures.
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