Steve Hull: Sheets Deprived of Wind

Steve Hull: Sheets Deprived of Wind

Photo by Michael Underwood View of Steve Hull's "Sheets Deprived of Wind"


Past Event

Location Info:

Meliksetian | Briggs
313 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90036
Sardine can militance A life-sized doll of a KKK member sits next to a tiny man with a receding hairline and orange-ish skin and curls. They’re both inside the antique, three-wheeled motorized cart that’s at the center of Steve Hull’s show at Meliksetian Briggs. The cart practically fills the small gallery and has a jerry-rigged speaker attached to its roof, blasting a muffled sermon given by an old-school preacher. The cart pulls a gray battleship made of sardine cans behind it, and abstract paintings by Hull hang on the walls. Crippled by Guilt is a web of thick gray lines above a deep blue. A confederate flag and a U.S. flag flank it, while a model of a white church sits on a barrel in front of it. It’s not clear how the painting relates to these loaded accoutrements, but confusion seems to be part of the show’s point.


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