Steve Gunn, Julie Byrne

Steve Gunn, Julie Byrne

Photo by Tonje Thilesen Julie Byrne


Past Event
$15 - $17

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2478 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA  90039
“And I have dragged my lives across the country and wondered if travel led me anywhere,” Julie Byrne confides on “I Live Now as a Singer,” from her second album, Not Even Happiness. That title hints at the melancholy and contemplation that run through the Buffalo folksinger’s songs. Her voice glides above similarly gentle acoustic ballads “Natural Blue” and the windswept “Follow My Voice” with an ethereal softness that’s as soothing as a cool night breeze. “Would you ask my permission the next time you absorb me/Preserve my memory of the mystic west?” she asks on the romantic interlude “Melting Grid.” Headliner Steve Gunn is a former member of Kurt Vile’s The Violators, and his recent collaboration with John Truscinski, Bay Head, ranges from low-key but spacy idylls (“Some Lunar Day”) to more sprawling tracks laced with psychedelic tendrils of guitar (“Gunter”).
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