Something Wicked This Way Comes

<i>Something Wicked This Way Comes</i>

Courtesy of Cinefamily


Past Event

Location Info:

Bob Baker Marionette Theater
1345 W. First St.
Los Angeles, CA  90026

The year 1983 was a weird time for monster movies. The slasher cycle was winding down, the real-life horror of Vic Morrow's death on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie cast a long shadow, and Disney released a dark and challenging Ray Bradbury adaptation into cinematic consciousness. Tonight's screening of Something Wicked This Way Comes pits Jonathan Pryce's sinister Mr. Dark against regretful Jason Robards amidst Dark's Pandemonium Carnival, where wishes are granted at a horribly depressing cost. It's a fable about abandoning your guilt trips and savoring life with as much joy as possible, because that's what tends to defeat the satanic and the parasitical. There will be puppets.


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