She Keeps Bees, Shannon Lay

She Keeps Bees, Shannon Lay

Photo by Jonathan Dy She Keeps Bees


Past Event

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428 S. Hewitt St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013
Given the increasingly uncertain times we live in, it’s perhaps no surprise that She Keeps Bees speak up boldly for their namesake insects and other forms of vanishing life — including humans — on “Head of Steak,” their upcoming single for Planned Parenthood and Earth Justice. In the past, the Brooklyn duo of singer-guitarist Jessica Larrabee and drummer Andy LaPlant have crafted bewitching but subtly restrained songs that slowly build power through shadowy chords and enigmatic lyrics. But even these seemingly mellow mood-spinners have a harder side, and Larrabee eschews any hint of mystery as she balefully declares, “It’s not a joke/he aims to knock us over with his gall … his greed … head of steak, you deal in snake oil/poison our water for a fucking dollar.” Meanwhile, like rising tides, her sullen, sludgy chords become bigger and more foreboding.
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