Sayonara Jupiter

Courtesy of the artists and 356 Mission


Past Event
COBRA and Ken Kagami’s collaborative, six-minute video is hard to watch. The protagonist has lost his penis (he looks down and it’s just not there), so he pulls off his bedsheets and comforter, looking everywhere. All the while, it’s taunting him from the side of the screen, a rubber member bopping up and down. Later, when he’s served up a plate of rubber penises with sauce, you might have to turn away (I did). The video plays in the basement of 356 Mission, part of a group show called “Sayonara Jupiter,” pulled together by two Tokyo-based art spaces: XYZ Collective and Misako & Rosen. There’s some apocalyptic, not-that-funny joke-making: The collective Puppies Puppies strung up a missile launch key from Titan II, the missile built during the cold war to prevent Armageddon (maybe); replicas of the key, which looks like any other key, are now sold in an Arizona gift shop. Stephen G. Rhodes strung up fabric curtains to make his assemblages, which looks like puppet show sets. In Bad Hobby Freedom Amendment: Bad Buddies, Rhodes continues a project he began after the Hobby Lobby decision: imagining what would happen if a Satanic cult, perhaps desiring the same religious freedoms, were to undertake a remodel of the craft store. Two doll ducks wearing cowboy hats and bandit masks dangle from patterned fabric, positioned inside a triangle made of pink thread.
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