Savage Master

Hayley Fawn Hall


Sun., Sept. 18, 8 p.m. 2016

Location Info:

806 E. Colorado St.
Glendale, CA  91205
This newer Kentucky metal band is a throwback to early-’80s metal acts such as L.A. cult greats Bitch and other groups that served up their Satanic metal mayhem with a side of BDSM. The musicians of the band perform thrash anthems from albums such as 2016’s With Whips and Chains shirtless with leather vests and black hoods, while frontwoman Stacey Peak leads the festivities with her dominatrix stage persona and throaty shouts. The band’s sound would be right at home alongside acts from the formative years of the Metal Blade label, but Savage Master’s mastery of the sound keeps them from being another mere retread.
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