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The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013-1320
Norway’s Satyricon were positioned within the early-’90s wave of Scandinavian black metal with their 1993 debut, Dark Medieval Times. Many of their contemporaries from that period stagnated while running in place, or imploded trying to live up to their satanic image offstage. Conversely, Satyricon grew their power through evolution. Band members Frost (drums) and Satyr (everything else) have spent the last 25 years traveling to all corners of the metallic musical universe while transitioning into a more streamlined beast. The last decade has seen Satyricon lock into catchy, head-banging death & roll grooves to great success, while flirtations with touches of industrial and prog-metal experimentation saw mixed results. The group’s latest record, 2017’s Deep Calleth Upon Deep, sees the band settling back comfortably within the realm of catchy bangers, while flourishes of their more primitive black-metal roots still bombard listeners with an aura of evil darkness.


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