Rumi's Mystical Journey


2016-10-07 20:00:00
8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. October 7
Free with RSVP

Location Info:

Schoenberg Hall, UCLA
445 Charles E. Young Drive E., Room 1100
Los Angeles, CA  90095
Rumi’s Mystical Journey is a musical performance at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall to celebrate Rumi’s search for the union with the Beloved. Join us to in experiencing Rumi’s epic journey through musical expression of his mystic and Sufi poetry. This performance will feature Iranian classical music and dance. It will also showcase music from the North Indian and Turkish classical traditions. It is the hope of the organizer and participating performers that this event will broaden the reach of Rumi’s humble message of divine love by bringing more audiences to his passion and faith through music. To introduce those who possess a cursory understanding of Rumi to a more in depth exploration of his life, longing, and search for meaning. To bring to life the man who lived so long ago. This event is organized by Farzad Amoozegar, a dual doctorate student at the UCLA’s department of Anthropology and Ethnomusicology departments. Farzad’s anthropology project encompasses ethics and social suffering; trauma and children; violence and subjectivity; and phenomenology of pain in the West Bank. His ethnomusicology doctorate addresses hermeneutics and critical theory; phenomenology of music; language of authority and ownership; ethics and aesthetics in performance in Iran traditional music.


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