Rumble: A Storytelling Show

Rumble: A Storytelling Show

Robyn Von Swank

Location Info:

UCB Sunset
5419 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90027

A rumble can be as much a gut feeling as it is a battle between two forces — even if those forces are being presented within the framework of a light-hearted live-lit night. Such chortlesome studies are front-and-center at The Rumble: A Storytelling Show. Tonight's theme is "revenge," and your hosts — American Dad writer Nicole Shabtai and Alec Baldwin's Love Ride writer Laura Willcox — plumb the depths of shame and self-loathing to encourage stand-ups Halley Feiffer, Jon Gabrus and Casey Wilson to face their fears onstage and transform those feelings into something that won't make them puke into the audience.

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