Robert Mitchum double feature: The Friends of Eddie Coyle and The Yakuza

Robert Mitchum double feature: <i>The Friends of Eddie Coyle</i> and  <i>The Yakuza</i>

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Sun., Aug. 6, 7:30 p.m. 2017

The American Cinematheque pays tribute to Robert Mitchum on the 100th anniversary of his birth with a weekend retrospective. The six-film series concludes with a double bill featuring a soulful, saturnine Mitchum. In The Friends of Eddie Coyle, the solid-as-an-oak actor is at the top of his game as a small-time hood turned police informer. In The Yakuza, he's an aging private eye who gets sucked into a bloody rescue mission involving the Japanese underworld. Both are highlights of a long and distinguished career, and of American '70s cinema in general.

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