2018-04-30 04:00:00

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City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA  90031

Promotional Event Description

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Get ready to zero in on your soul strain. Lola Lola’s(TM) much anticipated new strain selections are now available at a dispensary near you. Looking for a sweet pick-me-up? Try Lemon Banana Sherbert. Need to relax after a long day at work? King Louie OG will do you right. Ready to take your cannabis experience to the next level? Go for a pack of Chronic Pre-Rolls, featuring fresh Sour Jack flowers rolled with Lemon Cheesecake cold water hash. No matter your mood, Lola Lola’s (TM) award-winning pre-rolls and cartridges have something for everyone. Plus, our new designer batteries and gold tipped cartridges will have you looking as good as you feel. Visit our website to learn all about our strains and to find a Los Angeles retail partner.


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