Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet

Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet

Courtesy Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet


Past Event
$40-$60, $25 students
L.A.-based choreographer Raiford Rogers takes advantage of high-quality dancers on hiatus during the summer to assemble his Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet, including familiar faces from Los Angeles Ballet such as Kate Highstrete, Liz Walker and Chelsea Paige Johnston. Also returning is the commanding Bobby Briscoe. This time Rogers' architectural choreography enjoys live music from the Jacaranda Chamber Orchestra playing Stravinsky's Concerto in D for Strings, Zbynek Mateju's Still Life and a new work set to Mateju's Joshua Tree Symphony. Rogers has been on hiatus for more than a year. This concert is a welcome return for him and some striking dancers before a scheduled tour to the Czech Republic next year.
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