Radical Women Celebration

Radical Women Celebration

Courtesy Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery. Artwork © the artist


Sat., Sept. 16, 8-11 p.m. 2017
Free with RSVP

Location Info:

Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd.
Westwood, CA  90024

A slew of PST: LA/LA exhibits opens tonight, but the Hammer Museum's Radical Women Celebration is among the coolest. The party rings in the opening of the exhibit "Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985," which, according to the Hammer's site, serves to "reappraise the contribution of Latin American women artists and those of Latino and Chicano heritage in the United States to contemporary art." The pieces are bodily, personal and beautiful (of particular interest: a 1974 video piece that features artist Leticia Parente sewing the words "Made in Brazil" into the bottom of her foot). Besides the chance to be among the first to see the exhibit, the evening features music by Jungle Fire and DJ sets by Chulita Vinyl Club, plus restagings of pieces by artists Martha Araújo, Mónica Mayer and Regina Silveira.


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