Courtesy of the artist and CES Gallery Elizabeth Huey, Soon Means Soon (Eames), 2017


Past Event

Location Info:

CES Gallery
711 Mateo St.
Los Angeles, CA  90021
Two men carry a limp, ghostly body across the uncluttered floor of a minimal, mid-century home in Elizabeth Huey’s painting Soon Means Soon (2015). A woman who resembles the designer Ray Eames, mostly because she wears Ray’s iconic plain black dress, stares out the big glass windows, taking in a hyperreal, romantic scene. The blue moon shines against a purple sky, a topless woman lowers herself into one of many clear pools, and a waterfall flows down a rocky terrain. Huey’s thick, loose brushstrokes lend a certain chaos to the scene, and even the efficient Eames-inspired house begins to feel fantastical and heavy handed. The painting hangs in "Psychonautics," the group show currently up at CES.


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