Plein Les Mirettes: The Art of Being Astonishing


April 8-June 1 2017

Location Info:

Civil Coffee
5629 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, Ca  90042
Plein Les Mirettes : The Art of Being Astonishing In the middle of the old Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, a sturdy man is sitting on a roof, with a bucket in his hands. As if this was not strange enough, he has the head of a chicken. Oh! Yes, people sometimes buy fried chicken in a bucket. But there is no fried chicken advertised anywhere. And so he stands there, out of place, out of time, carrying with him a certain past we can only imagine. The chicken man is not afraid of being ridiculous or obsolete. He stands tall. Behind him, a tiny theater invites guest with a defiantly huge sign: HIGHLAND THEATER Welcome to the rebellious soul of Highland Park where Plein Les Mirettes was conceived: a bold and unruly child, born to break the laws of chains, of the reassuringly familiar shops and restaurants. French-born artist Stephane Kardos found in Highland Park a treasure trove for the curious soul: an irreverent tribute to difference in a modern urban landscape often plagued by uniformity. Plein Les Mirettes is a French expression to describe astonishment, the type that leaves your eyes wanting more; as such it is perfect to encapsulate the eclectic energy of his art. Exuberant vintage cars from a glamorous era still exhibit bright colors in spite of their brown age spots; graffiti explode in chaotic colors and whimsical patterns; intricate Victorian houses defy modern architecture and the statue of a shark stands confidently in front of a messy collection of hand-painted signs. In front of our eyes comes alive a city that won’t apologize for its grit. With his art, Stephane Kardos pays tribute to its streets whose living history wake in us an eagerness to keep exploring.
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